SingBee's ODM Service allows you to select from SingBee's existing retail-ready furniture collections and products, choose from
one of our new design concepts and then work with our R&D team to customize the products to meet your expectation and brand standards.
This ODM solution is efficient, cost-effective and a winning strategy for “agile brands”. With this solution, you get to focus
on the sales and marketing activities in your business and leave the supply chain management to SingBee's manufacturing teams.

Our ODM service brings product designs to life with your specifications and branding awareness while maintaining exclusive intellectual property
rights under your brand. Our unrelenting focus on fashion trends means that we have already done most conceptual design work, ready to be customized
and put into production fast. By combining decades of design expertise and the latest in-house manufacturing technologies, our flexible ODM service
will reinforce your position in the market today, lifting your brand awareness from good to great in the ever-evolving furniture landscape.

We bring to market your product designs and concepts according to your quality and brand standards with our OEM service. All our
customers have to do is provide us with the concept they have in mind, and our experienced design & production teams take over and bring
the product to life. SingBee's dynamic development process guarantees industry-leading time-to-market so that you can reach your clients
with new innovative products before your competitors, delivering higher margins, greater market share and stronger brand loyalty.

Competitive pricing:
.OEM production is usually more cost-competitive because of the economies of scale.
.SingBee is dedicated to good quality products priced at a competitively reasonable
price to increase your sales and profits.

Access to experts leads to good quality:
.We take design quality seriously. We only have experienced manufacturers with decades of experience to produce your designs.
.With us, you have a reliable team to count on who knows the reasons for manufacturing defects and take steps to prevent them
from cropping up.

Reduce capital costs and protect yourselves against fluctuations in operating costs:
.When you choose to outsource to us, it will enable your company to save on capital costs spent on acquiring machinery and factory space.
.You will also benefit from operational expenses such as buffering against the fluctuating raw material costs to avoid upsetting the
best-planned budgets your company has.

Focus on product development, marketing and sales:
.When you pass the manufacturing responsibility to SingBee, your company will
be able to invest more resources into research and development for new products.
.Our OEM services will enable you to focus on your core business activities.

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