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SingBee was founded in 1987 by Chairman Mr. Tsai Chi-Cheng, who has since guided the team with exceptional leadership. Our business philosophy is anchored in the tenets of Innovative Development, Quality Assurance, and Loyalty. We are fully committed to continuously improving our products and services, and as such, we relentlessly pursue innovative product styles, expand our production capacity, and enhance our quality standards. We established a state-of-the-art product research and development center to cultivate and harness exceptional design talent, utilizing advanced hardware and software equipment to create highly refined, user-friendly, and multi-functional products that consistently deliver exceptional value to our customers. We remain steadfastly focused on enhancing our product stability and providing our customers with superior quality service.


SingBee specialize in the sale of office automation furniture and children’s furniture, while simultaneously embracing the digital age by investing our time and resources in designing and developing cutting-edge LCD TV tables and TV racks. We place an unwavering emphasis on functionality, practicality, and artistic aesthetics, constantly pushing the boundaries of product innovation. Our internationalization and business diversification strategies are designed to optimize the sharing of our physical and strategic resources, consistently creating the highest performance for the Group.


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SingBee Culture

Our business philosophy centers on R&D innovation, adherence to quality, and sharing the honor. We maintain a quality policy in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, committed to providing exceptional products and services and continuously improving based on customer feedback. Our environmental responsibility policy reflects our unwavering commitment to pollution-free and waste-free practices, emphasizing environmental protection and perseverance.


No Pollution Love Earth


Innovative R&D Insist on Quality


Excellence Quality Assurance


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