TV stand KF-970

  • Low-chassis moving wheels for easy mobility
  • Wiring side hole for wiring
  • Easy to place equipment sheds, up and down 5 segments, 2 segments before and after, can also be removed
  • The wood grain is calm and elegant, the surface is hard and hard to be scratched, and the edge strip is coated with low pressure melamine
  • Column height can be adjusted in 3 steps
  • Self-standing, unrestricted location, reliable wall
  • KF-930 corresponds to 40 inches or less; KF-950 corresponds to 50 inches or less; KF-970 corresponds to 65 degrees or less.
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  • Product Specification
  • Shelf load resistance: less than 5kg
  • Baseplate Resistance load: 15kg or less
  • Full height: 940/990/1040mm


Suitable models 65V
Material Iron, fiberboard
Quality about 19kg
Total endurance 50kg (※ attached to the big screen: 40kg or less)
Dimensions width 850 × depth 420 × height 843 (mm)