TV stand PH-915

  • Lifting door type bottom box can store equipment, as long as there is another lock, it has anti-theft function
  • As long as the movable feet are folded up, they can cling to the wall; equipped with 2 movable wheels and 2 movable wheels, durable and easy to move, with adjustable buttons on the movable foot
  • The backboard is easy to dismantle and the wiring can be perfectly accommodated in the body
  • The front panel is equipped with glue-type cable ducts, even if the optional shelf board is added, the wiring can be perfectly accommodated.
  • The product is full of lines and the detail also emphasizes the arc design
  • Integral high-density foam to enhance sitting comfort
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  • Product Specification
1. Up and down adjustment: each 80mm interval, a total of 3 segments
2. Angle adjustment: 5 degrees forward, 12 degrees backward, 7 degrees backward, 14 degrees
3. Depth: When folded up 640mm / General use 835mm
4 bottom box can receive equipment
5. Machine storage part Load resistance: 10kg or less
6. Machine compartment Effective inner diameter : Width 590 × Depth 490 × Height 110 mm
Suitable models 55V
Material Iron
Quality about 44kg (AB bag)
Total endurance 110kg (※attached large screen: 80kg or less)
Dimensions width 780 × depth 660/835 × height 1679 (mm)