SR Meeting Table Series-SR

  • Table board inner material: It is made of high-density E1 plywood, and the thickness is 25m/m, and the thickness is 0.7m/m. It is in line with the national standard; the back is thick and 0.7m/m white matte board, Compressive and horizontal effect
  • On the base: 250m/m*250m/m thick 3m/m body plate stamping, rust-proof and the surface electrostatic powder coating paint
  • Middle tube pillar: outer diameter Φ76.2 (3"), pipe thickness 1.5m/m, iron pipe is welded on the base, rust-proof and the surface is painted with electrostatic powder
  • Lower chassis: Φ495m/m*3m/m thick, plastic injection molding, surface vacuum plating
  • Under the base: Thick 6m/m*491m/m steel plate stamping, rust-proof and surface electrostatic powder coating paint
  • Ground Regulator: Nylon plus 40% fiber screw thread injection molding, a total of 5 levels can be adjusted
  • Edge banding: thickness of 10m / m full week gray / white / transparent three-color extrusion molding, with beautiful desktop protection
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SR-090S W900 x D900 x H750
SR-090R W900 x D900 x H750