SR Meeting Table Series

  • Table board inner material: Made of high density E1 plywood, thickness 25m/m
  • Surface material: Thickness of 0.7m/m. Paste resistant plate, wear-resistant in line with national standards
  • Bottom: Thickness of 0.7m/m white matte board, compressive and horizontal effect
  • Trough box: Aluminium extrusion hardened anode forming, double flip cover type export TPE soft, the line can be freely in and out, to ensure that the desktop is beautiful
  • Front baffle: Made of high density plywood, thickness 18m/m
  • Side legs: 30x60/m thickness 1.5m/m square steel pipe type, rust-proof and electrostatic powder coating on the surface
  • Side foot material: high density plywood, thickness 12m/m
  • Floor adjuster: Nylon plus 40% fiber screw thread injection molding, can be adjusted to maintain the stability of the desktop
  • Edge banding: adopts alternating 2m/m double-colored strips to provide beautiful protection for deskside functions
  • The depth of the series table board: 60 / 80cm
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  • Product Specification
Name of the product Specification (mm)
SR-1206M W1200 x D600 x H740
SR-1208M W1200 x D800 x H740
SR-1806M W1800 x D600 x H740
SR-1808M W1800 x D800 x H740