LD Meeting Table Series

  • The plate of the table and the bottom plate are all E1 high-density environmental protection plywood, and the surface is super-abradable 0.8mm.
  • Using Fumei Advanced Membrane
  • Table legs are aluminum alloy table legs
  • SV series glass tabletop thickness 10m/m tempered glass
  • This series of table depth limit 70cm
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  • Product Specification
Name of the product Specification (mm)
LD-107R W1000 x D700 x H740
LD-127R W1200 x D700 x H740
LD-147R W1400 x D700 x H740
LD-167R W1600 x D700 x H740
LD-187R W1800 x D700 x H740
LD-207R W2000 x D800 x H740