132 Chair

  • Double back decompression design protects the spine in all directions
  • Seat stitching and texture enhancement
  • High elasticity 3D cotton for improved back and hip comfort
  • The cushion covers the curvature more, not only is it comfortable to sit, but also more suitable for sedentary
  • The chair surface is treated by German technology, the material is stain resistant and does not fade easily
  • The backrest can be adjusted to the height of the support
  • Automatically switch fixed chair wheels to enhance child safety
  • Tannin blue, light lotus root, grassland green color optional
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The double-backed chair breaks through everyone's concept of traditional ergonomics. The middle gap allows the spine to release pressure, and the patented double-knob behind the back is more accurate in detecting the dynamic sitting position, allowing the 132-seat chair to be more flexible to match the child's posture and achieve natural guidance. Easy ergonomic concept.
Weight(kg) 12.4
WxD(cm) 45x45
Block high(cm) 35.5~58
Back high(cm) 75.5~96
Colour Tannin blue / Light taro / Grassland green
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