Chair 138

  • Comfort and evolution, 136 growth chair fully upgraded design
  • Use high elastic 3D cotton to improve the curvature of the back and buttock, suitable for sedentary
  • Chair seat, backrest can be adjusted to the most suitable height
  • Seat seat front and rear positioning knob adjustment, sitting can easily adjust the seat position
  • Mobile grip + non-slip pedal design
  • Automatically switch fixed chair wheel to enhance child safety
  • Germany Bayer Baygard antifouling treatment, cleaning is easy
  • Blue, pink, green color optional
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It is the highest standard in the world. It is the best posture correcting chair and the cushion is thickened. If the child is not sitting in the correct sitting arc, it will obviously feel uncomfortable, and naturally guide the child to adjust back to the natural sitting posture, omitting the parent's Hey, let the children easily fall in love with SingBee and fall in love with learning. This is the concept of the brand's vision for children's physical and mental health. The concept of traditional wood core board is removed. The seat cushion reinforces the steel plate, and the bearing capacity is higher, after 100,000 impacts. No deformation test, let the security upgrade.
Weight (kg) 13
W x D (cm) 45x45
Block high (cm) 37.5~64
Back high (cm) 76~102
Color Blue / Pink / Green
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